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Setting the <title> in blogs


To handle all the interesting blogs, I usually do a 2 pass browse: the first allows me to skim lots of posts that I either quickly read or never will read and the second is more thorough and limited to the most interesting posts. These selected ones, I usually bookmark (with the online eBookmarks) for later reading.

But most of the blogs that use a custom blog tool usually make the same mistake: they forget to set the <title> for the page. For example, Movable Type does it fine, but doesn't (I'll mail Scott about that).
This makes it painful to bookmark these pages. I also heard that Google gives some extra value to the title, so you want this metadata to be relevant. Also Google uses the title when displaying search results.
Having both the blog name and the post title is good, but the blog name by itself is pretty useless.

So please, if you code your own blog tool, set the title correctly.

Some related posts on setting good titles for Google and users to pick up: Good Web Page Titles and Writing for Google.

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