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Comment Tracking with coComment


Tracking the comments I leave at other people's blogs have been a long time problem for me. And it looks like many bloggers have the same problem.

One item on my todo list (that I didn't get to) has been to write a Greasemonkey script that would log my comments using Gmail (building on top of my "Mailto Compose In GMail" userscript). But proper comment form detection was an obvious difficulty.

A new service has appeared, coComment, which solved that issue, allowing you to effectively track your comments.
It works by injecting some javascript into any page with a comment form, so that your submission gets logged onto their server in the background. This modification of the form can be done using a bookmarklet (don't forget to click it before submitting your comment) or a Greasemonkey scripts.
It is able to recognize comment forms from various blogging tools, by having some specific code for each platform it supports (Blogger, MovableType, ...). I wonder if a microformat could get any traction in standardizing comment forms a bit more.

The Greasemonkey script is much more convenient than the bookmarklet, since it removes the manual step. For non-Greasemonkey and IE/Safari/... users, I'm sure that equivalent functionality will soon appear in the form of browser extensions.

Kudos to the coComment team. I'm sure we'll hear more from their product as it makes the rounds.


There is not problem with tracking scripts but it is also open to abuse by others if any of these scripts have a flaw, as there always are. It brings up privacy/security issues again if not secure.

Posted by: Andre (March 23, 2006 08:57 AM)
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