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C# and Java convergence?


As I mentioned in this previous blog entry, the next version of C# will probably have the following new features: Generics, Iterators, Anonymous methods and Partial types.
Well, according to one of the core Java architects some of these will probably be included in J2SE 1.5.
Not only are Generics and Iterators mentioned, but some of the current C#-specific features are listed as well, like automatic boxing/unboxing and foreach-type loops.
From what I understand of C#, the remaining key features that would differentiate C# from Java after this would be delegates, support for un-managed ("unsafe") code,ref and out keywords, and structs.
The article also mentions "metadata" which seems somewhat like attributes, except that they can be used to generate boilerplate code at compilation-time. But what isn't clear is whether these attributes are customizable and how. A little info can be found on "metadata" on this Java Community Process (JCP) page.

More details on Generics in Java.

Update: The C# 2.0 specs have been published. The original is a Word document, so you can get a converted C# 2.0 specs (PDF) conversion.


Eric Gunnerson posted a list of Generics related terms. This should help Generics discussions ;-)

Posted by: Dumky (September 5, 2003 04:15 PM)
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