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Analyzing a nullability example
My 2019 EconTalk favorites
Overview of nullability analysis
Async Enumerables with Cancellation
Using C# 7.1
ValueTuple availability on various platforms
Bacteria Evolving
Discrimination in jury selection
Git Internals - branches and remotes
ZooKeeper overview
How round is your circle?
Posture tips
Cinderella review
Enumerating Diophantine equations
Diophantine equations and Turing decidability
Captured Lightning
Simon for Particle Photon
Git Internals
Ad blocking on iOS
How computers work (part 1)
Getting videos out of iTunes U
New blog platform
Physics experiments to do at home
Thoughts on Newton and Einstein
Defending free speech consistently
Thick displays
Hans Rosling on the facts about population
Bill Nye and Ken Ham debating on creationism
Prediction vs Explanation
Protectionism == Luddism
Moderated off Boing Boing
I ♥ Patent Trolls
Head Mounted Displays
Better async programming in .Net
Action, preferences, value
Fresh breeze on climate debate
On-the-fly book scanning
State and education
Live Geometry screencast
Wired Science TV show
Expectations and accountability in Economics
Science of human action
Reactive programming in javascript and C#
Google Wave
Reading facial expressions
Google Android architecture
MSDN light
Kindle 2 review
Orange Juice
Better software for multitasking
Amazon Kindle review
New president and the economy
Ubiquity command: proxy-set
Ubiquity command: insert-link
Ubiquity command: beautify-js
Ubiquity add-on for Firefox
Ad blocking in IE8
TextWidget: a text-based UI control
Google - Single Page Results
Flickr - Single Page Results
Summary: Parallel FX library
Trends in computing
Hybrid neural network training
Useful Visual Studio 2005 shortcuts
One-click video streaming from home server
Unittesting asynchronous methods
“Inline IMDB ratings” script
Platform issues for movie listings on-the-go
Frustration with RIA platforms
Secure cooperation in javascript
Implementing threads in javascript
Dojo Offline Toolkit
Xbox 360 + Windows Media Connect = video streaming
Crossdomain.xml security warning
Cross-document messaging hack
Sneaky web user tracking hack
First person puzzle game with portals
Cross-Site Request Forgery and Capability-based Security
Web API authentication for mashups
How to expose click fraud?
FlashXMLHttpRequest: cross-domain requests
Highway traffic map for cellphones
XmlHttpRequest Debugging for IE
Javascript Shell bookmarklet for IE
LiveClipboard: Wiring web and desktop apps together
Computational Camera
Cross-domain AJAX using Flash
Two amazing demos: Mooncheese and Spore
“MSDN - Fix titles” Greasemonkey script
“Add Torrent to ABC” Greasemonkey script
Comment Tracking with coComment
“Take It With You” Feed Reader
Lock bumping (lockpicking technique)
“Take It With You” Wiki
XmlHttpRequest Debugging (Firefox 1.5 update)
Greasemonkey Hacks is out
XmlHttpRequest Debugging (update)
ArsTechnica - Single Page View
New e-book devices announced (with e-ink)
Javascript pen recognition
XmlHttpRequest - Add Latency
New breeds of malware
XMLHttpRequest - Security Bypass
RealSimple - Printer Friendly Redirect
Slashdot - Single Page View
IGN - Single Page View
ACM Queue - Single Page View
Traffic light versus stop sign
AJAX Debugging with Greasemonkey
“XMLHttpRequest Tracing” for AJAX debugging
“Identify Password Fields” Greasemonkey script
Self-referring ads
Detecting AdBlock: conflicts and collaboration
Textarea resize user script
Closures & Continuations
“MSDN Language Filter” user script
Various Greasemonkey user scripts
Handle mailto: links with Gmail
Open-ended links, link re-writing
Bunny rabbit hacking
BoingBoing Ad Remover
Cooperation in online shooter games
Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career
The brewing war over ad filtering
Comment tracking twist: personalized feeds beta
Zoomable flash animations
Laminate floor installation 101
Wiki and tagged bookmarks integration
Google hinting: rel=nofollow
Trying out Google AdSense
Screen recording and publishing
Seattle Comcast DVR experience
Dofus MMORPG in Flash
Networked audio driver for windows
Ink/character recognition
“Smart codes” for micropayments
Visual cryptography
Security and illusions
C# to SWF (Flash) compiler
SP2 floating TIP and Firefox
Updated RSS 2.0 feed to full-text
Zombie flashmob
Comment tracking
Google hinting
Siggraph 2004 papers
Microsoft and Bittorrent
Bittorrent HTTP/web seeding
Saving OneNote notes on webDAV folder
Are you vulnerable to Phishing?
Credit cards and POLA
Video transcription tool
Bittorrent downloader with web UI…
How to write C++ XPCOM components
Optical illusions
Tool: image directory to PDF
Cool display technologies
TechEd04 presentations gone?
.Net Reflection tricks
Ordering pizza from Tivo
Privacy invasion for fun or profit
ASP.Net TypeKey authentication
More sites offering RSS feeds
Comment spam
Origami folding robot
Despairing for IIS error logs
P2P Blockbuster
PDML PHP tricks
PageRank and new content
Remote Javascript Scripting
C# port of dChat
More TypeKey thoughts
TypeKey is live (beta)
Microsoft Passport 101
Nifty javascript + DOM tricks
Firefox plugins
Object vs. Feed: vs. Mime-type
Web game collection
RFC: RSS one-click subscription
Hosting ASP.NET in IE
Tablet PC ideas
HTTP 101
iFolder open-sourced!
Structures and algorithms references
Running Java on top of .Net
Using friends as filters
Essential food: “nutella”
Some bloglines ideas
I/O gadgets
Comment authentication
Are libraries the new languages?
Decompression bombs vs. RIAA
RSS-free day of the week
XAMLON: XAML before Longhorn
Classical Computer Science Texts
What do computers dream about?
Ubiquitous data product: DataPod
M&Ms and sphere packing
Essential utility: “screen”
Information wants to be decentralized
Video streaming over HTTP
Upcoming fix for IE url spoofing bug
Yo-yo contest and other videos
Microsoft reality check?
Mailing list integration with mail client
Scheduling Your Network Connections (SYNC)
Back online at last!
Blog on hold while moving
Movie comparisons with the Matrix
Infinite Spire WTC Memorial
Tablet PC programming
All work and no play?
User contributed notes on MSDN
Korea and cellphones
Math Fun Facts
Bridging digital and real worlds
Longhorn Developer Center…
Bayesian probability and networks
Some physics experiments
Advanced Google features
Help Google help us
Writing NASA’s software
Typing while holding a Tablet PC pen
Capability-based security
C# delegates and events drawbacks
Digitally signed ID cards
Storage, Filesystems and Information retrieval
How Everyday Things Are Made
Multi-University/Research Lectures
Dynamic Proxy Classes
Self-referential Google search
Don’t feed the blog
Hyperion Film Trilogy?
Private Information Network
AnonCVS access to
Customize your Tablet PC’s dictionary
Blog sticker
Recording talks
Setting the <title> in blogs
Video playback on the Tablet PC
IL modification at runtime (step III)
Acrobat Reader 6.0 speedup
SharpReader wishlist
Googlebar 2.0: Popup blocking pain
Control vs. Freedom and Creativity
Optics tricks and wonders
Tail calls in .NET
Cool gadgets
Tablet PC wishlist
In search of BitTorrent files
Matrix-style table tennis
The path to war
Minimalistic C# media player debugging tips whitepaper link
Fitt’s law on the Tablet PC?
The Tivo of your life: CamWear
Advanced Javascript links
Web links and usability
Modifying IL at runtime (step II+)
Modifying IL at runtime (step II)
Modifying IL at runtime
The efficiency of ternary base
Marble machine tricks
Smart map/route drawing
Tablet PC’s Ink interoperability…
Hosting a web browser component in a C# winform
My first inbound link
Ink annotations in Acrobat Reader
Add a plugin system to your .NET application
What is DRM trying to solve?
Uphill flowing water illusion
Matrix Reloaded review on Kuro5hin
Behind Google
C# and Java convergence?
ASP.NET: Automatic field persistence
C# events vs. delegates
C# Delegates strike back
The dark side of C# Delegates
Mechanical chain reaction Ad
Debugging Backwards in Time
Custom context menu entry in IE and Mozilla
Nifty tools for windows
Trees in SQL
Type-safe collections in C#
Focus/Interruption management
Sub-Pixel Font Rendering (ClearType)
HalfKeyboard software emulation
SSL sniffing on the client
Unsolved HTML/CSS layout challenge
Cool Operating Systems and Language projects
Object Oriented Javascript
Custom C# ASP.NET webcontrols
Pen stroke recognition
First blog entry