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Self-referential Google search


This is kind of stupid, but if it works it'll be kinda fun (for geeks only): I predict that this Google search for "Self referential Google search" will find the current page, most likely as the first match.

The "I feel lucky" search for "Self referential Google search" should therefore bring you here.

Of course, this can only work after the page gets indexed by Google, which I expect to occur within 24 hours.
Update: it seems although Google crawls this page every day (and updates its cache) it doesn't index it that often. So it'll take some more time for this experiment to succeed.
Update: Google indexed the page, the self-referential search now works ;-)

I noticed a bunch of TinyURLs somewhere on Slashdot recently and the urls looked predictable, so here is a self-referential TinyURL. The TinyURL server handles this case fine though and avoids the infinite redirect loop ;-)

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