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Trying out Google AdSense


I just added Google AdSense banner ads to the individual entry pages (the front page and feeds stay ad-free).
Google doesn't give any indication of how much revenue one should expect from using their system (especially since Google gets a lot of fraud). But I don't expect anything like PVRBlog's success since I don't have such a focused theme, nor post as often and get orders of magnitude less traffic.
For 6 dollars a month worth of hosting costs, it's worth a try. It would also be cool if the earnings could be directly donated to humanitarian funds.
I'm curious to see whether the targetting is good, making the ads more useful, and how many people actually click on them. There is also the question of how fast do they index new pages to show relevant ads (un-indexed pages apparently get "public service ads").
I'll probably post an update in a month or so, to share how the experiment is going. Qui vivra verra (Time will teach).

Registering for AdSense and integrating it was really easy, as expected. Many customization options are available (format of the banners and colors), but you can't completely customize it with your own CSS.
I look forward to see what kind of reporting they offer and how good the content-sensitive targetting is.


Information in this site is aimed toward foreigners on the Internet and expatriates in Thailand, having the loved ones visiting the areas during the disaster, to get the information about their friends, relatives or colleagues. For Thai nationals, we recommend that you start at the Government official website website and jump from there.

Posted by: Chroferus (January 10, 2005 07:07 AM) ______________________________________

Thanks for the pointer.
I personnally donated thru WFP at

Posted by: Julien (January 10, 2005 10:45 AM) ______________________________________

To remove public service ads from Google AdSense, try the AGAR, Amazon/Google Ad Replacement. It works well for my blogs. Google doesn't display the PSAs anymore.

Posted by: Tom Markiewicz (February 2, 2005 08:24 PM) ______________________________________

Thanks for the tip Tom.
I actually ran into AGAR a couple days ago, although I don't remember how.
Google seems to figure out what ads it wants to display quite quickly though, even for new pages, so I haven't seen public service ads that often, here.

Posted by: Julien (February 5, 2005 11:13 AM) ______________________________________

When you put AdSense on new web pages, there are some things you can do to the pages to avoid public service announcements. When I add new pages to my Connectedy account (Connectedy being a content management site -- -- also useful as a personalized search tool), the ads are at least somewhat relevant from the very beginning. Of course Mediabot is still welcome. The site is structured so organic crawlers find every page eventually. When Googlebot discovers them, Mediabot is often close behind. Connectedy is a free service, so you can create an account and add pages for new link categories. If you're curious, watch what ads show up for new pages of various subject matters.

Posted by: Meghan Strader (June 21, 2005 05:55 AM) ______________________________________

I have tried AdSense over the last few months on the website but it is a hit and miss. Having said that however, there are not alot of keywords for driver or drivers so the ads get a bit odd.

Check the comparison of what is advertised compared to what is being shown for download.

Posted by: Andre (December 27, 2005 01:05 PM) ______________________________________

I have seen a TON of pages that are specifically targeted at adsense words. By these I mean sites that you search for in google and all the page has is adsense links on it pointing to other sites. I would hope that google would shut these down or atleast stop sending adsense to these sites as they are just a google search put on their page really.

Posted by: xunleashed (January 24, 2006 10:33 AM)
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