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Are there things that shouldn't be blogged about?
Lately there has been a couple floods of "me too" and other poorly informative logs. For example, there was a PDC "I'm going"/"I'm not" week, then more recently the Google calculator and MSBlaster were everywhere. It is possible I should choose the blogs I read better, but these also usually have original content.

There is the problem of duplication: some of it is by design (you report an interesting blog entry you came accross and add you 2 cents) but seeing over a dozen similar posts/rants, with only a couple interesting ones is a waste of time. For example, most of the MSBlaster blogs were pretty similar and also repeated many of the arguments we saw when the Slammer virus was live (what are the admins doing? what is MS doing? should we have patch-applying viruses?...)

Maybe some topics would be best handled by other media like newsgroups or forums. In a forum, when something similar to your idea has already been posted, you would usually avoid duplicating it. Also forums handle conversations and threads far better than blogs do, even when comments and trackback are available.


And the winner is!... Paschal L
The link is broken (just remove "REMOVE") on purpose because I don't want Google to send him any of whatever little juice I have ;-)

His post is an honest but blatant and useless copy of Don's post.
Apparently, he didn't like the negative comments people posted back to him, so he decided to erase a couple of them... cute.

Posted by: Dumky (August 26, 2003 10:23 AM) ______________________________________

In a free world, I have the right to delete and modify what I want. Fuck you man ;-)

Posted by: Paschal (August 26, 2003 12:41 PM) ______________________________________

Freedom, true...
Delete, arguably...
Modify, I don't think so. Are you editing other peoples comments on your site? That'd be classy...

This ought to be added to the twelve blogging commandments ( ): Thou shalt handle thy neighbor's comments with integrity ;-)

Posted by: Dumky (August 26, 2003 03:18 PM) ______________________________________

You're right! Modifying comments only shows one's self-confidence level.

Posted by: Bikram (June 1, 2004 11:29 PM)
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