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Advanced Javascript links


Here are a couple of links to Javascript experiments that use the flexibility of the language to extend it with higher order constructs.

By Sjoerd Visscher, a page on callbacks/event handlers/delegates in Javascript. That is how he started the BeyondJS library, that he describes as a set of "tricky and freakish extensions and additions to Javascript" ;-)

Using similar tricks, Douglas Crockford expresses various inheritance models in Javascript, in his page "Classical Inheritance in JavaScript".

And to make your head hurt (it did mine), a javascript version of the Y combinator, that luckily comes with a nice explanation.

Some other Y combinator and lambda calculus links
Slides with a slightly different approach on the Y combinator.
Wikipedia's page on the Y combinator and lambda calculus.
Y in Practical Programs.

Update: Simon Willison demonstrates simple uses of prototype-based inheritance to enhance some built-in types.

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