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"MSDN - Fix titles" Greasemonkey script


Here's another small script, "MSDN - Fix Titles" which fixes the title on a number of MSDN pages.

Instead of something generic, the script tries to find a more specific title from the content frames.
In this example, "Welcome to the MSDN Library" gets replaced with a more relevant and usable title: "MSDN: Side-By-Side and Versioning Considerations for .NET Remoting".


at first, I meant to ask why don't you post it in, but then I saw you already did in so now I wonder why you don't link to this entries in your user scripts posts.

In addition, I htink I found a similar script that does it in an arguably more elegant way -

Posted by: splintor (February 27, 2006 01:50 PM) ______________________________________

Thanks for the pointer Splintor, I definitely should have checked the userscript database first :-)

I agree the other script is cleaner. Mine was put together really quickly: I didn't want to worry with the XPCNativeWrapper injection changes (thus the injectMe method) and didn't spend long reverse-engineering the urls for MSDN ;-)

Posted by: Julien Couvreur (February 27, 2006 09:48 PM)
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