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Ad blocking in IE8


No through access except bicycles A round of new IE8 features, relating to privacy and user control, was just announced.

Reading the details, it looks to me like the IE team is shipping an ad-blocking software.
Sure, it may not be positioned as such, but that is in effect what they are releasing.

InPrivate Blocking and InPrivate Subscriptions are equivalent to AdBlock Plus and its filter subscriptions feature.
Like AdBlock, the IE team does not need to provide a default list of filters and can wash its hand of what filters may be published for people to subscribe to.

Watching the Channel 9 discussion on privacy features in IE8, its obvious that these guys are not talking about the elephant in the room.
What are they thinking? Is this a move against Google? Does this genuinely spawn from privacy concerns, while inadvertently and innocently introducing some potentially disruptive side-effects to the ad networks and web analytics businesses?

Again, this is not a new issue, but having this feature built in such a user-friendly way into the market-dominant browser is huge.
I'm surprised by the lack of reaction in the blogosphere. What am I missing?

Update (2008/08/28): I just installed IE8 beta 2 and it looks like InPrivate Blocking is disabled in normal sessions, and only active during InPrivate sessions. That significantly restricts the impact of the feature.

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