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ArsTechnica - Single Page View


Now that I've written a couple of "Single Page View" user scripts, I'm getting increasingly impatient when I encounter sites that break articles onto multiple pages.
It really seems like a disservice to users, forcing them to interrupt their reading to navigate to the next page (clicking and loading time). I suppose it's mainly a trick to display more ads. I'd rather simply scroll down with the space bar or a flick of the mouse wheel.

So here's one more Greasemonkey script, this time for ArsTechnica: ArsTechnica - Single Page View.

Any other similar sites that could use a little bit of cutting and splicing?

Update (2006/01/18): It looks like ArsTechnica changed their format and this script is now broken. Christopher Campbell published an updated version: ArsTechnica - Multi-page viewer.


These separate pages are freaking me out. I hate clicking and waiting till a new page appeares. And when I want to copy and past something I can not do it all at once and on top of that I can not read off line.

Posted by: Alan (January 6, 2006 02:33 PM)
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