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All work and no play?


Although they are a bit of a time hog, I love playing games ;-)
The demo of Trackmania (PC) came out recently. It's a pretty original car game, were you not only race through crazy circuits (remember Stunt Car Racer on Atari?) but you also have to construct the circuits themselves. The challenge is to build the most optimized circuit, given a limited number of pieces, and expertly drive through it to beat the clock.

A friend of mine bought Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 (PS2) with the dance pads. It's really fun to play with a bunch of friends and it's great exercise too. The only trouble is if you live in an apartment with neighbors below you ;-)

Much more relaxing, a paper snowflake making tool (via Ned's blog). It's a nicely designed Flash app that allows you to cut virtual paper, make snowflake-like shapes and post them to a gallery.

Update: There is now a trailer for the full Trackmania game. Looks like tons of fun, check it out.

Update: Dance Dance Revolution is now available on PC via a Python port: PyDDR. You can even plug the PS2 dance mats via an USB adapater ;-)

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