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New e-book devices announced (with e-ink)


Here are some quick pointers to two new and exciting e-book devices: the Hanlin eBook V2, running Linux, and Hanlin eBook V8, with a custom OS called WOLF.
They use an e-ink display, like the Librie, and come from Tianjin Jinke Electronics, a chinese company.

Back in the late 90's, I owned one of the first e-book devices, a Rocket e-book. Now my (awesome) HP TC1000 Tablet has become my e-book substitute. Still, I was recently looking at buying a Librie, which is unfortunately DRM-laden and only officially sold for the japanese market.
Compared to the Librie, this new device announces support for more file formats, an SDK for custom e-book formats (see the contact us page) and a stylus-based input, rather than a mini-qwerty. I'll wait a little bit more, then :-)

The input is actually a display/touchscreen, which is smart for localization: there doesn't seem to be any chinese characters printed on the device (unlike the Librie).
There is also some info on this TeleRead post (thanks to the Librie group on Yahoo for the link).

Branko Collin, on TeleRead, also found out some info on the pricing: "The V8 is going to cost US$ 299, and the V2 (programmable) US$349. The V2 is planned to be released in May next year."


We've been waiting so long for a proper e-Book I'm afraid these products will be disappointing. Higher screen resolution would be necessary to read comfortably, and OTA broadcasting will require wireless connectivity. It looks like this will be for the next generation...

Posted by: St├ęphane Couvreur (January 4, 2006 03:30 PM) ______________________________________

E-ink actually does have a better resolution than regular screens. It is also more comfortable because it isn't backlit.
Remains the problem of the refresh rate when turning pages...

BTW, Sony announced a new e-book device at CES today, for the US market.
More info at

Posted by: Julien Couvreur (January 4, 2006 09:09 PM)
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