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Saving OneNote notes on webDAV folder


MSN provides a webDAV-powered internet folder to its subscribers. You can use it to share your OneNote notes between multiple machines.
Omar pointed out this technique a while back, but I just tried it and it works great.
As far as I can tell, it only works on Windows XP (I didn't manage to make it work on win2k3).

You first need to map a webDAV folder provided with your msn or hotmail account to a network drive. Then you just move the the .one files you want to share, from your "My Notebook" folder to this internet folder, to make it available to your other machines that you configure to map to this folder.

One problem I ran into is that XP doesn't handle multiple simultaneous Passport accounts well. So using a different account for the webDAV folder and Messenger is a pain.

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