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SP2 floating TIP and Firefox


I just decided to try the latest XP Tablet PC updates (part of XP SP2) again. The install went fine. As when I installed the beta of Lonestar, I'm still not that impressed with the changes, although the new wireless networking dialogs are nice and I was expecting a lot from the new input panel (TIP).
It's because the application I use the most, Firefox, doesn't work properly with this in-context TIP.

I found some reports of the same problem on the Tablet PC Buzz and Mozillazine forums. There is also a tracking bug in Bugzilla.

Jim Hurd wrote an extension to solve this. Here's the direct link to tpctip.xpi, you'll need to save it locally before installing it, as clicking the link doesn't trigger the XPI installer.
Although the extension does make the floating TIP appear when the url bar has the focus, it's not quite usable yet (compared to IE): the history completion drop-down interacts badly with the TIP (the drop-down comes in front of the TIP and/or the TIP closes itself) and the TIP is not in the URL mode.

Looks like Firefox users will have to stick with the locked TIP at the bottom of the screen for a bit longer...

More info on the new TIP features.

Update: Loren points out a very interesting limitation of the SP2 TIP: although it can adjust to the context of input fields and you can configure this context by tagging the inputs, that doesn't work with web page input fields.

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