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Tool: image directory to PDF


Here is a little tool (manga2pdf) I wrote that takes a directory full of images (png, gif, jpeg) and makes a PDF out of it, with one image per page.
It uses the iTextSharp .Net library (a port from the Java iText) for generating the PDF. It doesn't re-encode the images, so the quality and total size are unchanged. It also supports an XML markup language, similar to PDML.
It can be used for photo collections or manga scanlations, for example.
Here's a zip containing source and binaries.

Update: I just tried a comic reader called CDisplay (for windows).
It can display images packaged in CBR and CBZ files, which are simply renamed RAR and ZIP files. Its interface is full screen and can be controlled either using the keyboard or the mouse (context menu).
Using it on a slate Tablet PC with the display vertical is a pleasure :-)

So I won't update Manga2PDF with any new feature. It is faster to just rename zip files to cbz or convert image folders into zip files.
Pdf files still have an advantage over cbr/cbz files though. Pdf readers are already available on most machines. And pdf can be opened incrementally over HTTP (you can start reading before the whole file is completely downloaded).

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