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Typing while holding a Tablet PC pen


Loren mentioned a device idea to hold the pen while you type. The device that is described holds the pen along your arm and springs it between your fingers when you hold your hand in a certain postion.
There certainly is a problem with holding a pen while allowing comfortable typing, but I don't think such a complex device is the solution.

I actually had found a solution to this problem a while back and used it from time to time. It doesn't use any fancy moves or hardware, just a rubber band.

Wrap the rubber band around your palm. Slide the pen in the rubber band between the first and second fingers, pretty much where it would be if you were writing. There is two ways you can slide the pen in, try both (only one really works for me).

You'll notice that if you relax your hand and release the pen, the rubber band will naturally hold it against your palm and were it obstructs your moves the less.
But if you pinch the pen with your thumb and then hold it with your other fingers, it comes into the regular pen holding position.

This solution is simple and works nicely for me, I'm typing this text with the pen attached to my hand with only minor inconvenience.

But this solution has some problems (in order of importance):
- you have to find a band that isn't too tight or too lose, otherwise the pen will fall or your blood won't flow into your fingers and the band will leave a mark on your hand.
- I wouldn't say holding a pen in this manner is very fashionable.
- picking up the pen and attaching it is certainly less convenient than just picking it up.
- the rubber band tends to twist, which makes it less comfortable. Try a band with a circular cross section, it might feel better than one with a square shape. I haven't tried a flat band, it might be nice to avoid the twisting and help avoid interrupting the flood flow.

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