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Optics tricks and wonders


I recently saw a documentary on Science Central that showed amazing images. It showed a caterpillar in the foreground of a crop field, with a plane flying over it, and everything was in focus!
The lens system used in this footage was created by Frazier, a wildlife photographer, and appears to have an un-common depth of field. In practice this means objects that are very close (less than a meter) and other that are very far (the horizon) are in focus simultaneously. Some said it was impossible, from a physics/optics point of view, but apparently Frazier found a solution, that left optics experts clueless.

Beside articles about the patent for this lens system, the one interesting reference I have found so far is "Seeing is believing".
Unfortunately, I could not find downloadable versions of the footages they showed on TV or information about the optics tricks used in this lens system.

During my search, I found this cool page about prisms, where each prism has a 3d illustration of a light beam traversing it.

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