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Customize your Tablet PC's dictionary


Via Scoble, a new Powertoy is available for Tablet PCs: a dictionary manager. You can download it from the Tablet PC Powertoys page.

Note that you might need to install the Tablet PC SDK 1.5. Otherwise you get all sorts of non-meaningful exception messages.

I only have half a dozen words in there for now, but I'll add more as they come. These words are now recognized correctly.
As Christopher commented, now what is needed is some training. In my case, my 'I's are never recognized...


You should not need to installt the 1.5 SDK. The MSI installer for this powertoy should install the necessary components for you.

Also I have found that the accuracy of recognizing an "I" improves if you just enter that letter in the Dictionary tool.

Posted by: Omar Shahine (August 8, 2003 10:27 AM) ______________________________________

Thanks for the correction.
My mention of the 1.5 SDK problem was because I read some people having problems with it and your tool, but I didn't have this problem myself. Also, from my experience, when the 1.5 SDK is required but missing, the error messages are pretty bad ;-)
It's good to know your msi handles the issue.

I'll definitely try adding the 'I'.
Cheers and thanks again for this nifty tool.

Posted by: Dumky (August 8, 2003 12:15 PM)
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