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Blog sticker


Scoble mentions that bloggers are all around us and we don't know them.
I know at least 3 on my floor in RedWest-D, but I didn't find out about it immediately. If somebody could design a cool sticker (glueless if possible) for bloggers to show themselves, it would be a bit like warchalking applied to blogs.

The sticker should have some room so that you can write your blog's address. It would also have some variants to denote various types of blogs (technical, political, personal,...).
I can see these stickers selling on already ;-)

Update: I wrote a little image generator application to make "antipixel"-style stickers, like Richard suggested. I'll convert it to a web application and host it somewhere. In the meantime, below are some sample images and here is the executable. The application allows you to tweak the generated image if needed, save it as a bitmap. I also just added anti-aliasing of the text so it looks nicer ;-)

The handwritten font I used in the example above is Augie. Just install it and it will appear in the list the next time you launch the app.

One problem with this design is that it breaks the original antipixel look by having a very wide right-side half, for the url. And from a quick survey, most blog urls are longer than mine, which makes the issue worse.

Not having the url (see example below) wouldn't have this proportion problem, but I think it's much less useful: you want people who walk by your office to give your blog a run without having to ask you the url.

I also found the material that I want: inkjet printable static cling. I'm ordering some ;-)

Got Scobleized for the first time!
But Robert, "Dumky" takes no 'e' ;-)


Hmm... how about a bumper sticker using the "antipixel" visual style, with "BLOG" on the left and space for a url at the right...

Posted by: Richard Tallent (August 3, 2003 05:55 PM) ______________________________________

Using the little app, how do you save the picture?

Posted by: Phil Wolff (August 8, 2003 10:31 AM) ______________________________________

It automatically saves the images to a file ('test.bmp' in the executable's folder) every time you generate a new image.
I'll improve the UI soon though, to allow choosing the file name and image format (gif, bmp,...).

Posted by: Dumky (August 8, 2003 12:19 PM) ______________________________________

I get a security permission related error. So, I hope you find some time to work your brilliance on converting it to a web application. And, then I hope you've got a good relationship with your hosting company because if word gets out, it'll be very popular.

Posted by: Don (September 13, 2004 02:32 PM) ______________________________________

hi! i came here trough google searching for stickers. can you tell me how can i create stickers? is there any program or site? thanks

Posted by: ZéQuinTó (September 2, 2005 11:14 AM) ______________________________________

ZéQuinTó, I wrote a little program that would generate an image with an antipixel look. It's linked in the blog post.
Sorry, I don't know how/where to get actual stickers though.

Posted by: Julien (September 2, 2005 03:25 PM)
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